Set of 2 ST 225/75R15 Trailer Tires Radial 22575R15 Tires 225 75 15 10PR Load Range E


  • 2 Trailer tires ST225/75R15; Load Range: E = 10 Ply Construction; Rim Diameter: 15″; Rim Width: 6.0″; Max Load Capacity 2850 lbs@80psi.
  • Nylon cap ply ( nylon overlay cross entire tread area), provide a significant upgrade in puncture resists and abrasion, excellent durability under heavy-duty commute.
  • Tortuous grooves on the tread provide excellent grip and traction. Central block makes certain stability when steering, accelerating and braking.
  • Enhanced shoulder design provides better heat dissipation, longer tread life.
  • Tires only. VANACC provides 2-YEAR warranty and free lifetime technical service ready to serve you within 12h.

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With the prospective of building the connectivity from consumers to their favored product, to find the most suitable, driven by the competitive price, reliable quality, particular requirement, extraordinary design, the VANACC is established. 


2 new radial trailer tires ST225/75R15 10PR.
Full nylon cap ply, well built, premium quality.
Refer to your existing tire sidewall and/or trailer owner’s manual to determine the appropriate tire size and load capacity for your application.
Compatible with popular boat trailer, utility and cargo trailer brands.
Buy and use our tires with confidence!


Size: ST225/75R15
Section Width: 9″ (229mm)
Overall Diameter: 28.3″(718mm)
Rim Diameter: 15″
Rim Width: 6″
PSI: 80
Tread Depth: 6.5mm
Ply Rating: 10 Ply Rated
Max Load – Single Tire: 2850 lbs
Load Range: E
Speed Rate: N
Item Weight: 28.7 lbs


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