Heavy Duty Highway Trailer Tires 8-14.5 Load Range G 8×14.5, Set of 4, 14PR


  • PARAMETER – 8×14.5 trailer tires, Load Range G(14PR), Speed Rate G; Recommended replacement for cargo/utility/camper/motorcycle/boat trailer use
  • HEAVY DUTY – 14PR heavy duty for extreme wear-resistance. Singe Tire 3080lbs@115psi, Rim width: 14×6 inch
  • CAPACITY – Designed with fluent pattern sculpt and multi-pitch tread pattern. Four straight drainage grooves can help drain off water quickly and effectively guarantee safety of driving on wetland
  • SAFETY – Compact shoulder design provide better handing performance and low noise.Wider and even footprint distributing enable the tire with good operation and high-speed stability.
  • WARRANTY – Tires only, free shipping. 2 years’ product warranty (DOT proved), 24h free technical service

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Set of 4 VANACC 8-14.5 Trailer Tires Mobile Home Load Range G 14PR 8 14.5 Tires Trailer

Size: 8-14.5
Rim Size: 14×6 inch
Overall Diameter: 27.8 inch
Section Width: 8 inch
Max Load: 3080 lbs@115psi
Ply Rating: 14
Tread depth: 0.31 inch
Speed Rate: G
Item Weight: 24.2lbs

Package include: total Number of 4 Tires
4X 8-14.5

How to maintain tires?
Checking your tire pressure monthly
Check for abnormalities, cracking, and spotting leaks timely. Use quality protectant or lotion with UV protection if necessary
Rotate the tire for an even wear on time
Keep the tires on a dry condition
Remove the tiny stuff and other foreign objects in the tires.

Our Service
VANACC provides 2 years’ product warranty and DOT proved, free lifetime technical service ready to serve you within 24h.
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