2 Trailer Tires ST 205/75D14 6PR 14 Inches Bias 205 75 14 Tires Load Range C


  • Set of 2 ST205/75d14 trailer tires; Rim Diameter: 14″; Rim width: 5.5″ (rims not included)
  • Max Load: 1760 lbs@ 50psi; 6 ply rated; Load range C; Speed Rate J—65 Mph; Overall Diameter 26.1″.
  • Special tread pattern provide high performance in anti-slipping and low rolling resistance.
  • Featured materials and construction designed to provide superior strength and unmatched durability.
  • Enhanced thicker sidewall, better puncture resistance and heat dissipation, resulting in longer tread life. Offer 2-YEAR warranty.

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With the prospective of building the connectivity from consumers to their favored product, to find the most suitable, driven by the competitive price, reliable quality, particular requirement, extraordinary design, the VANACC is established. 


VANACC 2 new ST205/75D14 Bias trailer tires. Tires only, no rims included.
All of our tires are brand new, with first quality and have never been mounted.
This tire has been wholesaling by large volume to trailer manufacturers and tire dealers nationwide.
Buy and use our tires with confidence!

Tire Specifications
Tire Size: ST 205/75D14
Rim Size: 14″
Rim Width: 5.5″
Ply Rating: 6
Load Range: C
Overall Diameter: 26.1″
Section Width: 8″
Tread Depth: 6.6mm
Max Load – Single Tire: 1760lbs@50psi
Item Weight lbs: 18.5 lbs


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